CLEARPATH is a fully integrated consultancy firm serving owners, investors, and developers of real estate development projects.  With operations based in the New York City Area, our team of real estate professionals offers a full range of real estate development and operational management services to our clients.  Our firm brings over 40 years of expertise in all stages of residential development including Land Acquisition, Pre-Construction, Construction, Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Warranty, and Transition.     

While building a major residential development in the current market presents tremendous opportunity, it also bears significant risk.  Our firm provides objective advice and customized services throughout all phases of development driving effective decision-making during critical times.  This results in greater flexibility for our clients in navigating projects towards economic success. 

Our commitment is simple, understand the needs of our clients and supplement their operations with an experienced management team that will assist them in optimizing results in their real estate investment.  CLEARPATH is dedicated to supporting our clients in buying it right, designing it right, building it right, selling it right, servicing it right, and transitioning it right.